Learn how to listen to your body at Zest Retreats. Our Dear Body programme will take you on a transformational journey of self-nourishment and self-care.


Our Dear Body programme centres on self-nourishment and proactive self-care, taking you on a transformational journey of profound wellbeing, where you’ll become your own best friend. You’ll learn how to listen to your body and respect the voice within, developing a deeper understanding of the intricate links between emotional happiness and physical health. Helping you to eat with more intention and awareness and find whole body health.

The programme’s structure

Under the expert guidance of renowned psychotherapist Dr Bea Paszthy, you’ll work in a nurturing small group environment to unpick and resolve your relationship with your body and spirit, learning how to prioritise caring for yourself.

Our twice daily intellectual and emotional wellness workshops blend cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with self-hypnosis, visualisations with mind and body coaching. You’ll have the breathing space to take stock and evaluate your life, moving forwards into a space where your life’s responsibilities are balanced.

  • Start living your life for you – Calm your fears, resolve inner turmoil and find a way out of the forest
  • Learn strategies to relieve the pressures of daily life – how to be loyal to your body, make promises to yourself and trust that you’ll keep them
  • Develop a new relationship with your body – rid yourself of negative feelings, beliefs and critical inner dialogues
  • Build self-esteem and body confidence – releasing the desire for perfection whilst learning how to appreciate your female potency, strength and value
  • Find a deeper level of love and acceptance for yourself – learning how to truly cherish and feel comfortable in your own body

This programme is designed to empower you with the psychological, physical and nutritional tools you need to live a healthier, happier life.  Every part of your stay with us has been fine tuned to improve your wellbeing, teaching you all the strategies you may need to continue the good work in your everyday life.

Leveraging the latest cutting-edge research, all the delicious meals you’ll enjoy during your stay are nutritionally dense, perfectly balanced and tailored to your individual needs. Combining superfoods with healthy fats, organic and seasonal vegetables and pastured or grass fed meats – everything is designed to be deeply nourishing, rebuilding a diverse healthy gut flora and helping you thrive. We’re on hand to discuss your personal nutritional needs, educating and empowering you to take these useful strategies home and easily implementing them into your daily life. There is also a vegetarian option.

Exercise is crucial to the health of body and mind. At Zest Retreats, our focus is on the core strengthening benefits delivered by yoga or Pilates and the inner peace that’s achieved through embracing nature, especially through nordic and chi walking. With that in mind, your daily routine will involve sessions with an instructor – and you’ll be encouraged to take advantage of the secluded grounds to walk and process everything you’re learning.

Optional evening activities include educational talks on diet and nutrition, mindful-eating experiences and other treats along the way. Remember, sleep is paramount to your relationship with your body too and you’ll be encouraged to retire early to achieve the full benefit from our intensive programme.

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