Change damaging behaviour patterns for good with Zest Retreats’ Elemental Woman programme. Learn more about finding the balance and freedom to be the true you.


Delve into your primal energies and find the balance, energy and freedom to be the true you.
Our Elemental Woman programme will empower you with the passion to release the past and change damaging behaviour patterns.

The Retreat

Working with a small, carefully selected group of like-minded women – you’ll embark on a truly transformational journey. Explore every element of your personality through guided visualisations to discover and release the wildness and untapped power within.

Each day, our intellectual wellness workshops will delve into one of the elements – Fire, Air, Water and Earth – and by the end of the week you’ll know the techniques for integrating what you’ve learnt into your everyday life.

  • Your inner luminosity comes from the primal energy of fire – learn how to reignite your creative passions, finding transformative warmth and joy to stimulate your senses
  • Soar unencumbered through life as you connect with air – inspiring and invigorating, we’ll help you find your inner lightness and free yourself from past burdens
  • Submerge yourself in your inner depths through the waters of life – you’ll emerge cleansed, revived and equipped with the inner calm to deal with life’s turmoil
  • Be grounded as you explore the renewal of life in the earth – from seeds and shoots to harvest and burial, discover how to nurture and renew

Core-strengthening exercise also forms an important element of your time with us and takes the form of gentle yoga or Pilates and chi walking. You’ll get the most out of your therapeutic work if you spend time in nature, walking in the beautiful grounds of your chosen venue. Maybe enjoy a relaxing yet invigorating massage and take advantage of the luxury spa facilities to unwind and leave the stress of everyday life behind.

Your gut microbiome is paramount to your health and our desire to help you reset your digestive system, underpins all the work we do. With that in mind, every meal will be designed to help you thrive.

During the evening, you’re welcome to join us for educational health talks, enjoy the company of like-minded women or simply read and recuperate. Whatever your choice, sleep is crucial and we encourage you to unwind, indulge in the stillness of your room and process all you’ve learned.

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