Explore the foundations of self and cut ties that have bound you to the past at Zest Retreats. Our Roots and Wings programme will help you find freedom and reach your true potential


Explore the foundations of your being in our Roots and Wings programme. We’ll help you find a renewed confidence to release the ties that have bound you to your past.

If you’re experiencing anxiety, feel overwhelmed or emotionally stressed – perhaps resulting from difficulties in family expectations and responsibilities or a traumatic event at some point in your past – this five day programme will help you deal with stress in a new way and gain a greater perspective. Working with a small group of like-minded women, you’ll navigate through the unconscious maze of life to find freedom and balance.

The programme’s structure

Led by psychotherapist and consultant psychiatrist Dr Bea Paszthy MD,MSc, PhD. – supported by the Zest Retreats team – the programme revolves around our targeted therapeutic workshops.

Carefully weaving together elements of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with hypnotherapy, mindfulness techniques and evidence-based stress management to calm the autonomic nervous system, you’ll embark on a journey of self-development designed to help you reach your true potential. 

  • Unclip your wings from the binds of your past – let earlier wounds evolve into the wisdom that informs the direction of your life
  • Speak to the inner critic that’s holding you back – understand your internal dialogue and uncover positive reflections of your past
  • Reignite your creativity – retrieve your forgotten self and set future plans and goals with the freedom to be you
  • Gain a higher perspective – discover your wings and soar high to map the path of life with confidence

Our holistic treatment programme encompasses mind, body and spirit, teaching you transformative techniques and strategies to help you manage stress and improve your health. Encompassing a full spectrum of traditional and integrative health therapies, everything we do is designed to help you pause, reflect and find the stability you need to thrive.

Embracing the latest research on nutrition and dietary supplements, you’ll enjoy delicious cuisine that gives you a mindful eating experience. We’ll ensure that every meal is tailored to your individual needs, with a focus on helping balance your gut microbiome.

Exercise forms an important part of any healing process and is crucial to your treatment. Not only will you be able to reconnect with nature through walks in the stunning grounds of your chosen venue. We’ll also focus on strengthening your core with regular yoga and Pilates sessions and chi walking.

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